We have dozens of success stories and we hope to make your Hollywood dream come true.Recent Testimonials“Loved the class, well worth the time.”

“This is a great class not only providing me with connections but with instilling confidence in my ability to pitch efficiently.”

“This class will help my career in terms of getting a better perspective of the reality of this business – the good and the bad.” Rob I.

“Sherwood Oaks provides a opportunity to meet and learn with legitimate companies current working on active projects.”

“I love the studios!”

“This class really helped to learn how the industry works and the pitching sessions were very valuable.”

“Sherwood Oaks provides great contacts and great info imparted by its guests.”

“The pitching sessions provided lots of great, useful helpful feedback.”

“Sherwood Oaks provides valuable real-world insight that will definitely change how I approach projects in the future.” Nicole J.

“Sherwood Oaks provides the real skinny on Hollywood insiders.” Nicole J.

“Very interesting and informative.”

“The pitch feedback with Gary is one of the biggest highlights of the weekend.”

“Made great contacts.”

“Sherwood Oaks helped my career in 4 days: 1) making contacts, 2) soaking up industry culture, 3) catching Hollywood trends/themes, and 4) pitching help.” Jeff

“This class has definitely helped my career especially being educated about the pitching process and the contacts that I made are invaluable.” Dave M.

“The best part of the class was pitching and getting coaching with Gary Shusett.”

“I found the feedback and pitching session very valuable providing me a solid base for the future.” Dave M.

“Sherwood Oaks’ class inspired me by its positive people and speakers.” Gary J.

“Sherwood Oaks teaches you how to become a working writer since it showed me how Hollywood operates and where to go to get things done.”

“Because of Sherwood Oaks, I can better understand the realities of the business and what to expect as well as not what to expect.”

“I’ve made some good contacts and got some requests for my project and lots of very useful information.” Gary S.

“Great, very beneficial class.”

“Sherwood Oaks has absolutely helped my career. It has clarified the mystery of Hollywood and made me more confident.” Alison M.

“Gary taught me how to pitch with no fear and really learned what was working.” Clark R.

“Gary shows you to how to make your pitch work.” Dave M

“Gary has such a great way of making you see the pitch the way it should be.” Working writer

“I will spread the word about the unbelievably AWESOME experiences I had and witnessed. I will never forget the Paula Wagner meeting for one. The Director Guild with Sean Penn, Ron Howard, The Coen brothers, and on and on. I really learned more about real-world Hollywood storytelling from Gary than I have from some very famous professors. Gary cuts to the essence of the story. I learned more from Sherwood Oaks than USC or UCLA which I got film degrees from both. Gary’s pitching and story craft ideas are really priceless; just like his brother’s.” Manny Johnson, 2013

“As a small town attorney from central Texas, I registered for the “Bankable Actors and Directors” Class of Sherwood Oaks Experimental College after reading their course catalog on the internet. Although there are a considerable amount of materials available to a fledgling screenwriter on how to write a screenplay, there is a dearth of materials, training, and assistance on simply learning and understanding how to get a screenplay considered once it is written, and establishing meaningful industry related contacts that can assist in developing a screenplay, an idea, your talent, and/or aspirations. Gary Shusett has conceived, organized, and implemented a series of classes that fill in that gap with laser precision. My course was very enlightening and illuminating, and provided opportunities to make contacts that are unparalleled in Hollywood. If you’re serious about learning about how to adapt and succeed in Hollywood, Sherwood Oaks Experimental College is E.W.E.P. (Excellent, Worth Every Penny).” Jim Chapman, 2012

“Forget the other review, Sherwood Oaks Experimental College IS NOT A SCAM. You get access you would never normally get and the owner and founder is connected to the high levels of the Hollywood A list. I’ve taken the class twice, made great connections, gotten my work read and considered. As with everything you have to follow the rules and temper your expectations.” Andrew O, Chatsworth, CA, 2012

“The classes I took on Sept. 19-20 were well worth my money just for the information provided by the speakers. They all were top notch writers, producers and directors and they spoke REALITY to the class. Come on…Shane Black!! You can’t get much better than that and he was great during and after the class. He actually stayed after class while some of us were giving pitches to Gary.” Mike Myers, North Carolina
I am making arrangements to attend the future seminar with Agents & Producers and Pitching to Agents, Managers, & Production Companies.

“Congratulations. As I told you in person yesterday, your seminar exceeded my expectations

in so far as offering an intimate interaction between aspiring writers and the holders of the keys to
the kingdom. Unlike overcrowded lecture halls, your seminar was indeed unique, allowing for one on one
question-and-answer informal discussion. Bravo.” Paul Rich, Feb 2013
  • Claire V. Riley

    Sherwood Oaks Alumnus, Claire V. Riley is a comedy screenwriter specializing in heart-felt, female lead-driven comedies. After attending Sherwood Oaks, Claire wrote THE PERFECT FAMILY, starring academy-award nominee Kathleen Turner, Emily Deschanel, Richard Chamberlain and Jason Ritter. THE PERFECT FAMILY film premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and in theatres in both LA and NYC. US Theatrical distribution is one of the hardest thing to achieve in Hollywood.  Congratulations to Claire!

    Theatrical Distribution
  • Joany Kane

    Sherwood Oaks Alumnus and genre writer Joany Kane has had an unstoppable trajectory in Hollywood.  Joany Kane focuses on a particular genre of Christmas films, and along with a bit of Sherwood Oaks insight and an extraordinary amount of talent, Joany wrote nine films produced shown on Hallmark and ION.  We are honored to have her be part of Sherwood Oak’s recent successful alumni.

    Genre writer
  • Bruce B. Gordon

    A director, screenwriter, producer, editor and songwriter. While working at Aaron Spelling Productions in production accounting, Bruce wanted to transfer over to the creative side. Bruce attended Sherwood Oaks discovering insight into the creative process while obtaining contacts, catapulting him to a new level.  The CEO of Bruce Gordon Media, Bruce directed his award winning short film, “Whole ‘Nother Level” selected for the much esteemed Cannes Film Festival.  Bruce Gordon has returned to share his  insight with Sherwood Oaks students.

    Cannes Film Festival
  • Hilliard Guess

    Hilliard Guess has progressed through Hollywood, not only being a member of the Writers Guild Association (WGA) but sits on numerous committees. Hilliard Guess not only writes and acts, but also directs. He heads his own production company, Hilldog Productions which sits on THE LOT studio in West Hollywood. Hilliard Guess still returns to Sherwood Oaks and has come back as a speaker and mentors other students.
    We are so proud of Hilliard!!
  • Mark Mahon (International student)

    “Thanks to Sherwood Oaks, I met Richard Chamberlain and Michael Madsen and got my film made, Strength and Honor. I was fortunate to be on the Today Show and have over 18 wins and 32 nominations. I am working on two more projects. William Morris has asked me if I would like representation. Thank you Gary Shusett!”

    Mark Mahon
    Film Director
  • Michael Duke

    Sherwood Oaks has propelled my career, Hitman for Hire, my proposed film, was recently in the press and am working on my next TV series! Thanks Sherwood Oaks for the Hollywood insight and amazing contacts.

    Michael Duke
  • Chris Billett

    Chris Billett came to Sherwood Oaks’s Agent and Manager seminar and immediately got representation. A rarity in Hollywood.  Also, Chris worked on projects with Sherwood Oaks’ speaker, Gale Ann Hurd, mega-producer of such films as Terminator-Genisys.

    Christ Billett
  • Megan Johnson

    Sherwood Oaks introduced me to Alexia Melocchi owner/producer of Little Studio Films at a Sherwood Oaks class. Stealing roses starred John Heard who starred in Home Alone and Cindy Williams who starred in Laverne & Shirley

    Megan Johnson
  • Michael Yuen

    UCLA engineer and Sherwood Oaks Alumnus Michael Yuen has achieved an enormous amount of success in Hollywood. After attending multiple Sherwood Oaks seminars, Michael landed a CAA agent, and won best pitch for a feature film at Sundance Producers Conference. Michael sold his script SPAGHETTI VS. NOODLE to a powerful Hollywood producer and then was initiated into the prestigious Writers Guild of America.

    Michael Yuen
    WGA Writer
  • Autumn McAlpin

    Utilizing the Sherwood Oaks one-sheet technique, Autumn optioned her film WAFFLE HOUSE at a Sherwood Oaks seminar, utilizing Sherwood Oaks speaker (producer). WAFFLE HOUSE went to screen on Amazon, Hulu and has been featured in a CNN article. Despite a hectic schedule of taking care of four growing children, Autumn has achieved five writing credits within a four-year time span. She has also gone the extra mile and directed LOOK FOR A FEW MINOR DISTRACTIONS, which she also wrote. So excited to see what is next for SWO alumni, Autumn McAlpin.

    (Concept to Screen in 6 years)