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James Cameron (Avatar), Sylvester Stallone (Rocky), Nancy Myers (It’s Complicated), Paul Haggis (screenwriter, James Bond films – Quantum of Solace, Casino Royale; Million Dollar Baby), and Matt Groening (Simpsons) all started as students at Sherwood Oaks screenwriting school.

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Sherwood Oaks College/Meet Hollywood Execs December 30, 2013 7:55 AM
LOS ANGELES, Dec. 30, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — For over 40 years, it has hosted some of the most successful seminars in Los Angeles. Students who attended seminars have gone on to win 29 Oscars, 12 Emmys, 2 Studio Presidents, and over $4B in box office sales. Become your own success story. Be part of the school that was featured in People magazine, US magazine, talked about in the Tonight Show.

Seminars are open to anyone interested in learning what it takes to succeed in Hollywood. You learn in a close encounter setting where seminars are limited to 18 students.

Seminars include guest speakers by some of the greatest Hollywood producers, executives, agents, managers, writers, and directors. It is a rare opportunity to meet and gain insight from working Hollywood professionals (12 different Hollywood professionals over 3 days).

Like me and many of our friends, we designed these seminars to empower the artistic desire and craft: how Hollywood decision makers decide on how to option a script, make a movie, distribute a movie; how producers, agents and managers chose writers; discover the traits that good writers possess and how new talent is hired; avenues on how a writer transitions to a director, how producers hire writers for assignments, how to get your script to producers without an agent, what is happening in the current market from working successful producers, get ideas on how to make your script more commercial, discover what is hot in the industry, what you need to know on how to succeed before writing or sending out your script, inside secrets and strategies to help you succeed in your Hollywood career, and much more.

These seminars provide rare insight. In addition, twice a year there are celebrity events where an outsider can meet and greet Hollywood actors and directors. The seminars are a platform where people learn from experienced Hollywood professionals. These seminars lend themselves to those curious about the industry, have a screenplay written, those who have won several awards or already established in the industry, all can learn and obtain those much needed contacts and insight. The precious insight that will be shared — can often save hundreds of hours.

One of the secrets of being successful in entertainment business is to meet working Hollywood professionals as well as celebrities. Gaining contacts while learning first hand can be fun and rejuvenating as one works on their next screenplay or film project. This is where one often finds writers and filmmakers investing to bring their dream or career to the next level.

Although not guaranteed, often times, our students will get an opportunity to have a photo taken with a top celebrity at our celebrity events. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, check out our website and facebook page.

If you are serious about investigating the possibility of getting a movie made or taking your screenwriting/filmmaking business to the next level, then this is a crucial opportunity for you. Those who have won significant screenwriting contests have had opportunities to have their screenplay optioned. It is a seminar where passion and excellence in film/media are exhibited and your potential is unlimited.

Our next seminar is January 22 to 24, 2014 with a celebrity event on January 25, 2014. Events are available throughout the year. Registration is limited due to high demand and limited availability.

Please check out our website at

For inquiries and more information, email or call 323-878-2226.

Jan 2013 – Sherwood Oaks Provides Superior Screenwriting Workshops in Los Angeles lists Hollywood school as one of the best, offering one- to four-day cutting-edge filmmaking seminars to students of all ages plus the contacts to succeed even in demanding circumstances

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HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Dec. 28, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — A recent publication on the popular website listed Sherwood Oaks College as one of the best screenwriting workshops in Los Angeles. The school, which is located on Hollywood Boulevard, provides each student with cutting-edge filmmaking seminars which allows them to succeed even in the toughest environments at a very reasonable investment.

Sherwood Oaks College has also been featured in People Magazine and a number of film and screenwriting magazines. The school helped jumpstart the careers of Hollywood celebrities James Cameron , Sylvester Stallone and Nancy Myers . Stallone filmed the first Rocky movie while he was a student at the school and James Cameron went on to create many blockbuster hits such as Avatar and the Titanic.

“Thanks to Sherwood Oaks, I met Richard Chamberlain and Michael Madsen and got my film made, Strength and Honor within a year of attendance. I was fortunate to be on the Today Show and have over 18 wins and 32 nominations. I am working on two more projects. William Morris has asked me if I would like representation. Thank you Gary Shusett!” – Mark Mahon

The school offers several different course styles each of which are designed to suit the varying tastes of different students. The most popular class format is named “Close Encounters” and with only 18 students per session, it’s one of the smallest classes available. The remaining course styles are named the “Rotating Roundtable” and the “Panel Discussion.”

Each course features film industry professionals who are available to answer questions and provide insights into how to succeed in Hollywood. Gary Shusett , the founder of the school said, “We open our contact lists to you. Nowhere else in the world is there an opportunity for this unprecedented access for such a small investment of both time and money.”

A few of the classes scheduled for 2013 are already sold out. Prospective students are encouraged to visit the school’s website to sign up as soon as possible for the remaining courses. The website, hosts the Course Catalog, videos, success stories and testimonials.

Founded in 1971 by Gary Shusett , brother of famed screenwriter, Ronald Shusett , who wrote and produced Alien, Total Recall and Minority Report, Sherwood Oaks has been dedicated to jump-starting screenwriting careers ever since. We are often asked why we charge so little for our courses, despite our proven track-record as star-makers. The simple truth is that with a genuine desire to see our students succeed, we provide an opportunity to connect with successful Hollywood professionals and allow almost anyone to make their dreams come true.

Sherwood Oaks College,
 7095 Hollywood Blvd, #876
 Hollywood, CA 90028
 Phone: 323-850-4444
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James Cameron (Avatar), Sylvester Stallone (Rocky), Nancy Myers (It’s Complicated), Paul Haggis (screenwriter, James Bond films – Quantum of Solace, Casino Royale; Million Dollar Baby), and Matt Groening (Simpsons) all started as students at Sherwood Oaks screenwriting school.

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 16, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Imagine walking down the red carpet and shaking hands with Clint Eastwood orQuentin Tarantino. Getting the opportunity to drive to a studio lot and have your name at the gate and then walk into a meeting room on the studio lot. Then, imagine meeting with Oscar winning producers and big budget directors on what it takes to succeed in Hollywood. Seems impossible? But Sherwood Oaks Film School has been doing it for over 40 years.

Sherwood Oaks Film School provides 2 to 3 day intensive seminars. Alumni Derrick said, “A Sherwood Oaks seminar is like taking a full semester of UCLA Film School in two days. Plus, Classes have limited enrollment so I received personal attention.”

Sherwood Oaks students’ ages range from 25 to 75. Many students have full-time jobs from teachers to attorneys. These moonlights hone their screenwriting craft in the wee hours of the morning before their “real job.” Their real world experience often translates into compelling stories.

Makes us all want to play hooky and join them … this Monday and Tuesday, September 21 to 22 in Hollywood. The upcoming seminar has 14 speakers from Oscar nominated writers to managers to big budget producers.

Some of us want to join Hollywood for their Emmy’s celebration on Sunday and be part of this insightful seminar the next day. But those who are planners, Sherwood Oaks have seminars next year beginning April 11-12, 2016.

And for the more serious moonlighting screenwriters, the May 19 to 20, 2016 seminar focuses on finding representation. Yes, you can meet over 10 Hollywood agents/managers and not all of them are like the famous agent, Ari Gold from Entourage. Sherwood Oaks gets the biggest names including William Morris, CAA, ICM as well as those who are hungry managers looking for fresh, new talent.

Check out their latest videos and don’t let the organic feel of their website fool you. This Non-Profit School has been around since 1971 and started before almost any film school. Their smaller classes provide a lot of personal attention to increase your chance of success. It worked for such heavy weights and Oscar winners including James Cameron (Avatar), Sylvester Stallone (Rocky filmed while attending Sherwood Oaks), Nancy Myers (It’s Complicated), Paul Haggis (Million Dollar Baby, Crash) and Matt Groening(Simpsons), who all took classes at Sherwood Oaks before they were famous.

Who is up to playing hooky with me?

Founded in 1971 by Gary Shusett, brother of famed screenwriter-producer Ronald Shusett (Alien, Total Recall, Minority Report). Sherwood Oaks specializes in jump-starting screenwriting careers and also gives valuable insight for the curious.

Sherwood Oaks Film School
7095 Hollywood Blvd, #876
Hollywood CA 90028