A One-Sheet: Your Hollywood Calling Card

The One-Sheet has become the most essential script-selling tool, yet many writers are unfamiliar with it. We’ve assembled some very useful information available to you in one place for FREE!

Background on One-Sheet

Sherwood Oaks, aka, MeetHollywoodExecs, started the one-sheet method over 17 years when we realized that the scripts were not being read. In our effort to have our students succeed, we needed a more efficient way for Hollywood Professionals to understand the material that they need and our students possess. We started summarizing concepts onto one page. Hence, the “one-sheet” began and is now a common term used in Hollywood.

In summary, a one sheet (a single or double-sided) document that condenses your concept onto one page (8.5″ x 11″). This can be compared to actors who use head shots with their resume on the back. We recommend the synopsis/summary, be approximately 25 words (logline) and make every word count. If you have two great ideas, use double-sided with one idea on each side.

Screenwriters & filmmakers use a synopsis with their contact information and sometimes an image that represents your potential film.

* Note: If you need assistance, please scroll to the bottom of the page and our experts are ready to assist you 7 days a week.

* Note: Please bring 25 One-Sheets to each seminar.

A One Sheet includes:

  1. Genre
  2. Title
  3. Synopsis – referred to as a logline – 25 word description
  4. Detailed Description – 100 to 200 word description Contact Information with any credentials
  5. Optional Image – only if it is professional and memorable

This One Sheet article includes (see the drop down menu at the bottom of the page with lots of good info):

  1. Background
  2. Example loglines or synopsis
  3. Example of a one sheet
  4. Experts available 7 days a week – starting at only $25

Success in Hollywood is often about making great first impressions.

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Sample One-Sheet – Wizard of Oz – Family / Musical

Synopsis: After a twister transports a lonely farm girl to a magical land, she sets out on a dangerous journey to find a wizard with the power to send her home. After killing a wicked witch, she returns to her farm in Kansas happily observing that there is no place like home.

An example for a new writer contact information would include:

Karen Jackson
Nichols Fellowship, Quarter-Finalist, 2008 (screenwriting contests) or any scripts that have been optioned or made
MFA, UCLA (relevant degrees) (email)
323-850-4444 (contact phone number, should be local either 323 or 818 or 310)*

If you want to add your mailing address, you may but we recommend a local one. If you live outside of LA, we recommend using a postal service that will give you a LA address such as Digital Express (i.e.,

* Note: This can be a message phone number. Companies charge $10 a month and google voice is free.

Are you afraid of coming across as an amateur and possibly destroy your chance at a good first impression? 

For the more advanced writer
A sample one sheet from a fiction writer showing an interesting approach of using a one sheet to sell 3 different stories.

Sample Logline – Action / Drama

A logline is a compelling 1 – 2 sentence description of your script. The basic structure is “A person… does something… It works out.”

For example: “A man tries to climb the highest mountain in the world against all odds – the freezing cold, violent snow, and… the fact that he is blind.”

Additional Information

All one sheets are collected in an 9 x 12 envelope for each guest. Most guests take the envelopes. However, if you put more than one sheet or a DVD then we will have to take out the extra sheets since it is not fair to other participants. Guests do not like to read bulky material so we try to keep the envelopes thin.

If you have two screenplays then we recommend double-sided paper or using both sides of the paper.

If you have three or more loglines, then we recommend picking the best one and the most commercial. If you can’t decide, you can put them on one page. No more than 5 loglines, otherwise, you look desperate unless they are established credits on imdb or in studio systems. Just keep it brief. Remember the key is to hook them and get them intrigued to want to read more. We are here to help you succeed!

If you have more than one sheet, you can pick and choose which one sheet you would like based on the genre. For example, if it is Judd Apatow’s company then you would only choose a one sheet that is related to comedy.

You can bring more than one sheet if you do your homework but only ONE one-sheet per person per envelope. No DVDs please!

One-Sheet Detail – Comedy/Horror / Action / Thriller / Drama 


Please state whether it is comedy, horror, action, thriller, drama or period piece. Period pieces are not recommended.

Logline: 1 to 2 sentences (See below for Sample Logline) – approximately 25 words

Detailed description (Synopsis): 6 to 8 sentences

This is your log-line, expanded to a 6 to 8 sentences paragraph that describes your screenplay with emphasis on characters.

Contact Information: Name, Address, Email, Phone Number, web site, Credits, Screenplay contests that you have won.

Contact information is critical, along with your credits and/or screenplay contests that you have won or in which you were a finalist.

 – Incorporate an image that represents your screenplay such as the poster for your script in miniature. If you are not sure or only have an amateur drawing, leave it out. Your writing and your commercial idea will draw people in.

Don’t overwhelm them with too much information! Use only your best screenplay or most commercial idea, rather than a comprehensive list.

If interested, the producer, agent, or manager will call you and ask you for some more log-lines or inquire as to what else you have.
Your goal is to get to the next step, the Hollywood professional will contact you for a treatment (2 to 3 page overview) and often your script.
They may ask you to sign a release. See our Q&A if you are nervous about this.

Perform the research to find out this information to be prepared, if you don’t have the time, you can save time and do a 10 minute overview consult for only $25 which will save you hours of precious time.

Remember your One-Sheet is your calling card and the way to get the best investment on the seminar is to have a great one sheet.