The Sherwood Oaks Archives

For over 40 years, Sherwood Oaks is how students succeed … We invest in what matters.

Sherwood Oaks is a non-profit school that works to see a win-win for both screenwriter/filmmaker and the Hollywood Professional.

Sherwood Oaks strives to bring the greatest quantity, quality and best student to speaker ratio for the investment of time and money for anyone in the Hollywood industry.
We give you bang for the buck!!

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Project steps include:

a) Inventory all archives
b) Convert pictures, 1/4 tape, 1/2 tape, cassette tape, VHS and other media to digital
c) Edit archive digital media to bit sized portions allowing people to learn and enjoy these Hollywood Treasures
d) To make the treasures available for your listening and learning pleasure without having to leave the comfort of your own home

Sherwood Oaks has treasures that include the following speakers:

Lucile Ball (teaches acting)
Clint Eastwood
Martin Scorsese
Robert DeNiro
Paul Newman
Steve Martin
Sylvester Stallone
Dustin Hoffman
Rod Sterling
Richard Dreyfuss
Clive Davis
Bruce Dern
Jeff Goldblum
Nicholas Meyer
Richard Pryor
Sidney Pollock
Syd Field

and to over 100 more …

All have visited Sherwood Oaks and would like to make this information available to you but we cannot do this without your assistance

Gifts totaling $100 or more during a fiscal year makes you a member of the Sherwood Oaks Leadership Society. This includes priority access, first to know about seminars, celebrity events and celebrity archives. Being a member of the Society will allow preferential treatment.

Where does each dollar goes …

$0 Director Salary
2% Archival Storage
5% Financial Aid – we also do internships (Nicholl’s Fellowship semi-finalists are encouraged to apply)
8% Website, videos to assist both students and speakers
60% Best school facilities … we often go to Beverly Hills to attract the best speakers possible

Our Goal

25% Restore Sherwood Oaks Archives (inside scoop on Hollywood)

Tax Free Donations: